Hypnotherapy For Kids

Hypnotherapy is very effective for the treatment of a number of children’s issues. Children are generally more receptive and open to new experiences. They have vivid imaginations and this makes it so much easier to access the subconscious mind and bring about the desired positive change. As a result, hypnotherapy with children can bring about effective results fairly quickly. A variety of fun techniques are used with children including visualization, stories, puppets and role-playing.

Children are our most precious beings. Hypnotherapy is a very safe, natural and enjoyable process and is very effective for children in treating many issues such as:

• Learning problems


• Bullying

• Nail biting

• Bed - wetting

• Anxiety

• Obesity

• Addictions

• Depression

• Stress

• Sports improvement

• Abuse/ Trauma

• Lack of confidence and self esteem

• Separation anxiety (during and after divorce)

• Fear of injections and visits to dentist/ doctor/surgery

Hypnosis helps children learn healthy and empowering coping techniques and it also enhances and releases their creativity. It helps a child blossom and become a more successful and happier individual. Since children are so receptive to hypnosis, it can be an amazingly positive and inspiring experience for them.