About Me

I spent my childhood living in a world of infinite possibilities and magic, believing that anything and everything I can conceive is within my reach. However, this notion was crushed in my latter years and replaced with feelings of “not being good enough” and the belief that nothing works out the way I want it too. My only certainty in a turbulent world was my desire to make a difference and meaningful contribution to humanity. To this end, I pursued a career in the legal field as an attorney with the intention of helping people, changing lives and making a difference.

Due to circumstances and severe eyesight problems, I realized this was not my chosen path to walk. I know, for many, a career as an attorney is a very fulfilling one. However, I found no fulfillment in it. My desire to help people, to inspire others, create an impact, motivate people to become the very best versions of themselves urged me to pursue a career as a Life Coach and Hypnosis Practitioner. During this challenging time, the realization dawned that to change the world, I had to change myself first. This sparked my journey of self-discovery and personal development. I had to overcome my own ultimate low and it was these very tools (Life coaching, Hypnotherapy and Past Life regression) that has allowed me to do that and start living my best life.

I realize that the challenges I faced were actually incredible blessings that have once again opened my world to one of infinite possibilities. This new career path allows me to make a fundamental difference to the lives of others and helps me grow into the best version of myself every day.

As a Master Transformational Life Coach and Advanced Hypnosis Practitioner, trained by Transformational Coaching Academy, South African Modern Hypnosis Academy and Dr Brian Weiss, I deal with depression, stress, anger management, low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence and overcoming traumas. I am qualified to assist clients with problem solving, “break-through” blocks and limitations in their lives, heal their past, condition themselves for success and remove fears, habits and phobias. This gives them the opportunity to grow as human beings and develop their current skills, achieve their goals and live their best life possible.

I live by the words “Change your mindset, change your reality”